Why Buy McDermott Products from Us?

Cue Creator as you can see from our logo has a direct relationship with McDermott Cues. Our products are all made finest wood-makers, cue designers and engineers that our world has to offer.

We know some will still want the standard McDermott cue offers so we can also help out there as well.

Our Staff are constantly in touch with McDermott on custom orders so why not take advantage of our system in providing you our clients the best in possible service around. If you have any questions, please ask as where ready to answer your questions.

As with others we can only offer the MAP (minimum advertised pricing- Policy) but as we are in contact with McDermott our service and customer response times will outshine our competitors. At Cue Creator we specialize in our products and McDermott Cue Products only so we can offer you that extra care. Let us serve all your cue needs.

Shop for Cues and Stock Available

Cue Creator has picked out 4 standard spliced cues which we’ll keep in stock for Snooker English Pool that will be ready to be sent within 8-10 weeks. ( other cues can be made on our custom made cues sections)

We have done this by keeping seasoned butts and shaft almost ready waiting for a last few turns and finish to your needs. 

All other Cue Creator Cues will fall into a 12-14 week lead time of order until they are ready to be sent which is still far lower than our competitors.


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