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 Thanks for checking out Cue Creator made proudly in the USA by McDermott Cues. Our new Program offers a full range of cues from USA Pool Cues, Snooker Cues and English Pool Cues. Later in 2017 we will add Chinese Pool and Carom plus one piece cues for snooker and english pool.

So please enjoy designing your custom cue by Cue Creator and McDermott Cues USA!

Snooker & English Pool Cues - Custom Made

All of our Snooker and English Pool cues come with the DWB cue joint ( Dual Weight Bolted), plus the choice of Ash, Maple and Radial Laminated Maple. This unique joint allows you our clients to alter the balance of the cue and of course the weight.

With the DWB Joint ( three quarter and two piece), changes can be made in both the shaft and butt end of the cue. This enables you to make adjustments to both table conditions as well as tune the cue in for your needs.

8 pie laminated Cue

Radial Laminated Shaft

Our DWB Joint ( Three Quarter and Two piece) offers the best in cue balance in the market place and allows you our consumers to set up to your needs. As many of us know a normal custom cue doesn’t offer this choice and we wanted our products to have a major difference to others.

Our other differences are that we can make multiple shafts for the one cue which hasn’t been achieved well if at all with handmade cues.

Our Cues are hand spliced, but then the tapers are finished on five separate turns which helps in our overall quality and finish by CNC Lathes.

As you can adjust the balance of the cue you can make your shafts have the same balance point as well, so it won’t feel like you have lost your cue should a tip come off during an event. Our current product offer is 2 piece and ¾ Cues with the DWB Joint or a One Piece with the WB- ( Weight bolt in Butt end) in Snooker, Chinese Pool and English Pool Cues.

Our Offer:

  • Get a few shafts made with your cue (different tapers) Three Quarter or Two Piece
  • Cue Creator Joint ( DWB – Dual Weight Bolted) or WB – Weight Bolt for One Piece
  • Having the best cue possible by being hand spliced but then CNC tapered
  • Choice of Ash, Maple and Radial Laminated Maple



McDermott cues and high-performance shafts are some of the most recognized products in the billiard industry. They are known for their quality construction, exotic woods & materials, intricate inlays and limitless customization options.

We are an American company and our McDermott pool cues are proudly made in the U.S.A. We stand behind them with a lifetime warranty against warpage and manufacturing defects.

Our Quality

Craftsmanship is a fine art. Found among the gifted artisans in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin are the finest wood-makers, cue designers and engineers in the world. McDermott utilizes a process that includes over 150 separate procedures in the construction of each cue.

All shafts start from the finest Kiln-dried, hand-selected North American Hard Rock maple and turned 11 times for stability. All forearms, handles and sleeves are handcrafted from the finest and most exotic woods from around the world.


Intimidator I-Shafts –The Highest Evolution in Shaft Technology.

Intimidator i-Shafts allow players to change power and spin-rate to maximize the speed and accuracy of their shot. Utilizing our proprietary Intimidator Carbon Energy Technology (ICE), we have designed the industry’s most radial consistent shaft to help maintain accuracy at all speeds.

The i-2 comes standard on all McDermott G-Series cues models over $700 USD

G-Core Shafts – Hardcore Performance. Traditional Feel.

The G-Core is the perfect blend of technology and classic feel. It has the benefits of carbon fiber core technology with the familiar feel of a traditional maple shaft. The G-Core can be customized to any of the popular shaft diameters and comes standard on all McDermott G-Series cues from $255-$699 USD.




Our Custom Pool cues come in with the choice of the McDermott 3/8x 10, and quick release joints plus the uniloc joint. Due to this we can enable you to design your own butt to fit your favorite pool shaft.

We offer not only the standard range of cues from McDermott but also a range which is fully customized to your design in our Cue Creator designer platform.

To go even further, we have a section created that you can input your own image onto a USA Pool cue with a Pearl White background.

So you can see we have tried to think of everything we can offer to make your shopping experience the best in our custom cue platforms. So please enjoy designing your new custom cue by Cue Creator and McDermott Cues USA!

Our Offer:

  • Multiple Shaft options
  • Choice of Joints
  • Many Choices of Colors
  • Lots of Design options
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