Mixed Cue Tips


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Mixed Cue Tips

Here we have a great selection of Pool Cue tips from play cue tips to break tips.

The Kamui Black tip is made of humidity-resistant, high-elasticity leather. This allows you to get more spin with less force on the cue ball and then we also have the Original tip. The Kamui Original leather generates more speed with a more accurate shot. The Kamui Original tip allows the player to move the cue ball over a longer distance with accurate shooting.

The other tips we have are the Everest Tip as used on many cues. Selected from the finest quality pig skins in the world, Tiger Everest Laminated cue tips are the most sophisticated, durable and advanced cue tip created and also a lot cheaper than others around.

For the break tip we have the Samsara Ultra hard leather tip.

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Weight .22 lbs
Dimensions .3 × .3 × .3 in
Cue Tips

30-0231 Everest Tips, Kamui Black tip Super Soft, Kamui Black tip Soft, Kamui Black tip Medium, Kamui Black tip Hard, Original Tip Super Soft, Original Tip Soft, Original Tip Medium, Original Tip Hard, Samsara Cue Tip, Navigator Alpha Tips SX, Navigator Alpha Tips S, Navigator Alpha Tips M, Navigator Alpha Tips H, Navigator Black Tips SX, Navigator Black Tips S, Navigator Black Tips M, Navigator Black Tips H, Navigator Blue Impact Tips SS, Navigator Blue Impact Tips S, Navigator Blue Impact Tips M, Navigator Blue Impact Tips H


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