Shaft Maintenance Accessories


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Shaft Maintenance Accessories

The McDermott Shaft Maintenance Accessories Kit can be bought as one kit or bought as separate items.

The parts of the kit are the Renew Shaft Cleaner, McMagic Micro Burnishing Papers, Ultra-Glide Shaft Conditioner and the Leather Conditioning Pad.

The Shaft Maintenance Kit includes

  • Renew Shaft Cleaner Eliminates drag due to dirt and oils on the shaft surface. Improves your stroke. Quick and easy to use to make your shaft and ferrule look and feel like new.
  • McMagic Micro Burnishing Papers Washable reusable shaft conditioning system for smoothing shaft.
  • Ultra-Glide Shaft Conditioner Seals wood pores in the shaft, eliminates built up dirt, moisture and oils. Promotes optimal feel for a more controlled stroke.
  • Leather Conditioning Pad For smoothing and polishing shaft.

Additional information

Weight .500 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 1 in
Shaft Cleaning

McMagic Micro Burnishing Papers, Ultra-Glide Shaft Conditioner, Renew Shaft Cleaner, Leather Pad Shaft Conditioner


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