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USA pool carom configurator

Custom Made Billiard Cues

USA Pool | Snooker | English Pool | USA Transfer Art

Welcome to Cue Creator Cues®, proudly manufactured in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA at McDermott Cues. Established in 1975, McDermott has raised the standards in cue making. Like McDermott, Cue Creator stands by the same principles in making cues with a point of difference. 

Our selection for Cue manufacturing companies was a simply one, looking for the best in quality workmanship and made in the USA.

By using our technically advanced Visual Software, you’ll be able to design exactly what your new cue will look like down to the finest of details.

With thousands of individual options and years of development, you can now design your very own cue, 100% unique, within a matter of minutes.

Cue are still hand spliced, but then we use a combined technology, CNC finishing and hand craftsmanship, we have achieved what is beyond doubt the Worlds’ leading process in all round Billiard Cue Designs.

The Use of CNC Lathes helps in placing joints and the ferrule dead centre instead of the current methods used with off centre fitting of joints and ferrules. Having the joints and ferrules fitted dead centre makes the cue perform a lot better overall.

Want to see what we do different than our Competitors? Check out this page link for Snooker / English Pool and Chinese Pool.

Our Lead Times

So, what’s our lead times on cues? Now you’ll be amazed at this.

Due to the high quality of stocks we can offer a turn around on a custom-made cue to 10-12 Weeks on ebony three quarter and one piece cues. All others such as rosewood and Macassar would be 14 weeks as well as two piece cues.

If you’re after a cue quicker than this you can also check out our shop area where the leads time are 8 weeks. This is so far for Snooker, English Pool and Chinese Pool. Over the years we will build up stock butt designs to give more options to you our clients.

Want something quicker again than 6 weeks for USA Pool?

If you’re after a USA Pool Cue quicker then check out the range of McDermott Cues here. (2-3 Weeks)

Do you have Sport related Website?

If you have a website and want to earn a passive income then check out our Affiliate section. All you need to do is add a banner to your site and a client purchase a cue to earn a percentage. You don’t need to even touch a product just provide a linking banner to us.

Thanks for viewing our site.

The Cue Creator Team