Custom Made Billiard Cues

Welcome to Cue Creator Cues®, which allows you our clients to visualise your new Bespoke Cue designed by you.

Our Site offers custom made cues in Snooker, English Pool, Chinese Pool, Carom and USA Pool Cues.

Cue Creator Cues®, Online Software and Manufacturing standards are a step above our competitors. With our high attention to quality, performance and the latest in manufacturing standards rewritten by Cue Creator, you’ll have all you need to improve your cue sports game.

We make our cues in North American Ash and Maple.

Our USA Pool Cues use a mixture of different shafts from McDermott with Pro Tapers to European Tapers. The Choice of shafts is quite vast including a new i-Pro Laminated shaft with a carbon inner core which is truly exceptional!

From the link below we explain some of the things we do different in our appearance of our cues. We also have videos on youtube shown on the pages so you can find out as much information as you need.

Want to see what we do different than our Competitors? Check out this page link for Snooker / English Pool and Chinese Pool.

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If so, please open this area up to read more and we’ll explain what we do different to others and why we do.

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