About Our Business

Cue Creator® allows you to custom build your cue and control every aspect of the color, wood, inlays and finishes. The cue is built exactly to the specifications that you have chosen.

During the development of this website we have sourced the highest quality products and woods that are available. Combine this with the best computer software and the latest engineering technology and we have what we believe is the future, for billiard cue manufacturing.

We do of course use handmade splicing on all our Snooker / English cues in this range, finishing the cues.

The result is a cue that is custom made to your choices and configuration and without doubt, one of the best cues available in the world!

All USA Pool Cues are made using the latest in CNC machining and innovative new methods from McDermott Cues. Regarding the Cue Creator Butts, you will notice a big change in strength with a range of new shafts to be released in the very near future.

So please enjoy Creating your next cue. It will no doubt be constructed from the best materials, using the latest technology and designed exactly how you personally chose to do so. The cue will speak for you, it will be totally unique and you can be assured that the quality is World Class!

This isn’t our only website for cue sports as we have others under : www.worldcuesports.com.au , www.sharpsnooker.com.au and more coming soon. As you can see we have great knowledge in Cue Sports and have been involved with it for over 25 years.