Cue Guide

For all the Cue Sports games played there are different weight, tips used and sizes of ferrules etc.

All the below Cue Sport games use various size balls and you should thoroughly investigate the needs of the game and try different cues before deciding on a cue specification.

  1. Snooker players use a 29.5mm butt to 30.5 and a ferrule between 9.3 to 9.8mm
  2. For English Pool the cues are 8mm – 9mm in tip size (most pro players closer to 9mm)
  3. For USA Pool the butt sizes are 32mm-33mm and ferrules between 11.5 to 13mm
  4. For Carom the cues are shorter 56 inches and 12mm – 13mm
  5. Chinese Pool the cues are normally a Snooker type of cue with a pool ferrule and 11.5-12.75