Cue Shafts for Snooker/ English pool and Chinese Pool

Radial Laminated Shafts

Radial laminated shafts have better consistency and also better dimensional stability. They also are less prone to warp over time compared to ash and standard maple or Ash. These radial shafts will be more consistent because there’s less chance of wood variance, as compared to a solid piece of wood from maple or ash timbers.

Radial shafts are the same as a piece of a pie shape, and cue into quadrants. Our Cue Creator shafts are made from six matched high quality maple pieces glued together in what we believe is the best in shafts around. Due to our standard of finishing with the aid of CNC lathes you don’t get the ridges as seen in all other hand finished cues.

example of 8 piece radial ( snooker shaft we use 6) coming up on a new shaft for USA Pool it will be 6 or 8

example of eight piece radial ( snooker shaft we use six piece radial) coming up on a new shaft for USA Pool it will be 6 or 8 pieces.

Ash Shafts

With our ash shafts like in all our selections we have sourced the best grain and finish for your new cue. The ash come’s from North America and is naturaly dried before having the four points splices added to the shaft. We then rest the shafts before discarding any that didn’t stay straight before the machining process. Then the next process is four + separate turns on the CNC lathes to bring them down to the size you required for your new cue.

Canadian Maple Shafts

The maple we use is from Canada as it has the best grain for billiard cues. Like ash and radial we rest the shafts before adding splicing and then over four separate turns get it to the diameter required.

Cue Creator & one piece cue difference:

As like all of our products we decided on a different concept to others on a one piece cue. Not only are we offering standard hand spliced cues but we then CNC finish the cues.

We are also offering inlays in the cue which you’ll find in the shop area from various designs and more will be added over time.

The One Piece Cue looks like a three quarter with a thin brass ring inserted but this is for a reason. Our one piece cues offer a choice in the balance point from 16 to 18 inches as well as all of the other normal offerings. Our other difference is our weight bolted butt joint and ferrule installation and fibre.

The normal for most cue makers is that the cue maker decides on the balance of the cue not the purchaser where at Cue Creator you make the decisions.

You’ll see Stuart Bingham using a one piece cue by Cue Creator later in 2017 on TV. Also later this year you’ll also see other top players using our cues.

Make the change to a high quality cue from Cue Creator manufactured by McDermott Cues in the USA.

inlay design 2 long view

inlay design 2 long view as a one piece cue

our cue components ranging from joint, weigh bolts to the ash and radial shafts

 *Joints have a 5 year warranty. This has been used in McDermott cues for over 2o yrs. (Ash Shafts available) (Radial Laminated Maple)

example of hand splice cue

(example of hand spliced cue – one piece) – note has brass ring (read above for more information)

i1_3-8x10 (002) McDemott example of joint material

McDermott example of joint material ( As used in our Joints)