Cue Shafts for Snooker/ English pool and Chinese Pool

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Cue Shafts for Snooker/ English pool and Chinese Pool

Cue Creator Cues®, Bespoke (Hand Spliced Cues)

Using the drop-down box, we’ve given you the choice of suppliers, but our main orders are via the Cue Creator ®, Bespoke cues.

Cue Creator

These cues are the most popular in the range under the Cue Creator ®, Bespoke cues logo with most cues being made under this branding.

Our cues are made to the highest standards using the best quality woods in the industry and the ultimate in craftsmanship as well.

For the Extensions we use Blue Moon the same companies that both Peradon, Parris and many other use. We believe these are the best in Telescopic extensions due to the weight of them as many others are heavier and then alter the cue balance as well.

Ash Shafts

With our ash shafts like in all our selections we have sourced the best grain and finish for your new cue. The ash comes from North America and is naturally dried before having the four points splices added to the shaft. We then rest the shafts before discarding any that didn’t stay straight before the machining process.

Canadian Maple Shafts

The maple we use is from Canada as it has the best grain for billiard cues. Like ash we rest the shafts before adding splicing.

Peradon Cues

Peradon Cues have been made in the UK since 1885 and are a welcome addition to the drop-down box and offer custom hand made cues. The cues are made in Liverpool in the UK and use there best in ash and craftsmanship at a higher level than the production cue models.

All types of cues and selections of woods are available as shown on the site and you’ll be very happy if you choose a Peradon Cue.