Our Players

Our Players will grow during 2017 and we have several players who we are making cues for currently. In the next 6 months, we’ll be regularly updating this page.

We’ll be on the lookout for players in other cue sports like Chinese Pool and Carom and then increasing our Snooker players over time.

Stuart Bingham – World Snooker Champion 2015

Stuart Bingham 2015 World Snooker Champion

Stuart Bingham 2015 World Snooker Champion

Stuart Bingham won the World Snooker Title in 2015 but also is one of two players that have won both the IBSF World Title (1996) and the Major World Title. The other player is Ken Doherty.

Stuart’s first title was the Australian Open in 2011 with his second in the 2014 Shanghai Masters. The following year he won the World Title in 2015 and then the Welsh Open in 2017.

Cue Creator founder Mike Sharp met Stuart around 2010 and spoke with him at various events since. We found Stuart one of the most approachable players on the circuit that really takes his time signing autographs and is always polite to others.
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Alfie Lee

Alfie Lee the son of one of our great friends Stephen Lee has a great role model in having a father with one of the best cue actions seen in Snooker.

When visiting the UK in 2016 we found Alfie playing on a poor-quality pool table so we upgraded the table to a Supreme. Were sure Alfie with the dedication he shows and love of the game will become a household name in years to come.
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Mirjana Grujicic

mirjana for cue creator

Mirjana for cue creator – Image by @ipaniza

Mirjana is from Venezuela and has played competitive pool since 2001 representing her country in Japan.

Her Country used to sponsor players to go to events but due to the economic times the country has faced it has been reduced.

Mirjana has won many titles 16 National Titles and represented her country in the World Games in 2013 and 2015.