Tip Maintenance

There are so many tips now on the market but the two types are either a pressed tip or a laminated tip. Both require different tools and care for.

Some basics are all the same, like running in a tip. Once you’ve installed the tip and trimmed to the edges etc and shaped it you need to do the following if you want it to bed in evenly.

If you hold your cue the same way when playing screw shots or topspin you’ll end up flattening out one spot and then like most do re shape it and it collapses again. The correct method is to roughly shape the tip and then hold your normal way playing some stuns and screws. You then keep rotating the butt around playing the same shots and rotate again.

This method helps the whole tip bed in and condense the leather. Once this has been done for an hour of play you can then shape your tip and you’ll notice it doesn’t collapse at all.