One Piece Rosewood Billiard Cue


The design of the cue here is a One Piece Rosewood Billiard Cue in North American Ash and offers the best in quality that you’ll find from any supplier and more.

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One Piece Rosewood Billiard Cue

This design is a One Piece Rosewood Billiard Cue which is made by the best craftsman around as you’ll notice by the splicing. The wood is carefully selected and prepared over a 10 week period to allow it to stabilize throughout the make.

This listing has various selections as per the cue specifications. Once you check the cue images you’ll notice the great craftsmanship of our cue makers. There’s many selections available on the configuration area and if your wanting to design your own then check it out.

The Ash we use in North American and has a very good age as you’ll see from the images on-line that we select the best around.

Added Bonus:

  • For all Cue Creator® cues purchased we’re also giving a free Aluminum cue case so we have peace of mind when sending.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 150 × 10 × 10 in
Cue Variations

CC-416 -58.2 inches, 9.51 ferrule, 18.2 ounces, 17.2 balance, 29.39 butt, CC-412 – 57.6 inches, 9.56 ferrule,17.95 ounces, 17.1 balance, 29.63 butt, CC-414 – 58.1 inches, 9.48 ferrule, 18.27 ounces, 17.5 balance, 29.39 butt, CC-413 – 60.1 inches, 9.5 ferrule, 18.2 ounces, 17.5 balance, 29.52 butt, CC-415 – 60 inches, 9.48 ferrule, 18.02 ounces, 17.2 balance, 29.64 butt, CC-416 – 58.2 inches, 9.51 ferrule, 18.2 weight, 17.2 balance, 29.39 butt, CC-411 – 57.6 inches, 9.56 ferrule, 18.41 ounces, 16.6 balance, 29.26 butt, CC791 -57.15 inches,9.45 ferrule, 18.06 ounces, 29.5 butt, 17.35 balance point, CC-795 – 57.1 inches, 9.5 ferrule, 18.37 ounces, 29.61 butt, 17.3 ounces